It is not uncommon that the impact of Gary's stories will result in the reader
sitting down and writing him a letter of appreciation for the enjoyment
received when reading his story. Below are a few of the letter received.
Letter to the Author
Gary W. Babb

   Gary W. Babb Sunday, August 19, 2018

hello Mr. Babbs! you will surely not remember me. we met at your garage sale in muskogee. you had sold your home and were preparing to move to phoenix. we talked a bit. your wife showed off your
very cool greenhouse addition and hydroponics set-up. you i commented on your "wall of books." you told me you were the author. we chatted and you gave me the first two in the series. they sat in my
house for a few months. julie (my girlfriend) and i were in florida vacationing. the book i took to read was terrible and i needed something for the beach. i had brought 'Earth Is Ours" on a whim, so i
tossed my first choice and started reading yours. WOW!!!! i am really embarrassed that i did not pay more attention to you that day. anyway, i LOVE you books (i have now read both [your first two]). now i
must have the rest of the series! i enjoy your style and the subject matter. i really enjoy 'end of the world' themes (that's why i watch the news). Levi, Ami, Moon, Bambi, i am totally captivated with the
world you have created. i also quite imagine that, during your writing of these wonderful novel, your office was a web of yarn stretched from one plot-line to another, to another, and on... HA! if must
have been VERY difficult for you to keep the continuity. however, you did an excellent job! so, i have three questions for you (perhaps more once i get into it...): firstly, i must have the rest of the
series. i haven't really looked around your website yet. if they are available here (as i would imagine), i will just order them. however, if that is not the case, please tell me how i can get them, whatever
the price. they will be worth it, i certain and convinced. secondly, if you are not already working on a screenplay, why not? this story would make a GREAT sci-fi movie...series! and i really want to watch
it...them. lastly, have you considered also issuing these in the form of a graphic novel? i don't really read them but i have an artist friend in muskogee. i was telling him about the story and he just
started sketching out. that's when it came to me. graphic novels are HUGE right now (just look at 'the walking dead.'). anyway, i hope you at least look at the possibility. this is a great story and i believe
this medium would expose it to an entire demographic that would otherwise never enjoy it. okay, i kept it to three. :) i just want you know how very, very much i enjoyed your first two books! and i
expect the others to be just as engaging. thank you for giving those books to me. and, even more, thank you for writing them. i know it was a massive effort. i hope this finds you and your lovely wife
well and in good spirits. i look forward to hearing from you. if however, you are unable to respond, i will locate and acquire the rest of the series. know also, i have become not only a fan, i am sharing
you works with friends. i do hope you continue the adventures of Levi, Ami and their friends (and enemies). if the saga is at a close, i hope you have more stories in the works.


Aug. 2015

Often I am reminded just why I continue to write. It's certainly not the money. Any writer that starts writing to get rich is most often disappointed. No, Most writers write because it's impossible NOT to write. The stories build up
in your head and developed characters won't let you rest until you write down what they are telling you. Other times, like what happened to me, is that fans I have never met except through my books e-mails to tell me they
enjoyed the story or, my favorite, "I loved your book/s." One fan told me he was spellbound with the first page of "Genesis Logs" and couldn't put it down. He even asked for a sequel and said, "Please". For this fan that asked
so nicely for a sequel to "Genesis Logs", I have good news. Because of this request I have written the sequel, and my publisher, Double Dragon Publishing, has already committed to publishing this sequel, Genesis Prime",
even before I finished it. I love the fact that, after six books, they trust my talent and accepted this book without having read it. The work has now been sent to the publisher, and Genesis Prime comes out in Nov. of this year.
Yep, in time for Christmas.
March 2015

Bro, I sure enjoyed your book, Genesis Logs. It flowed well, plot was entertaining and characters were different and believable. Reading was easy. Some technology was out of my reach but believable.
I did not know if they were true or not but definitely believable. I just love the ending; using Clergy Calvin Kline and the re-entry of the Enlighten. I left with the true belief that they will survive. Three
thumbs up.
Writing has its own Rewards My very first review of my first book, "Earth is Ours", came before it was even published. It came in the form of a phone call from an attorney friend and associate in Washington DC. As a friendly
gesture he had volunteered to get my book a Copy Write. He said his office was just down the street. So, I sent him a copy. A few days later I received a phone call from his law office. It went something like this: "Gary, you
SOB!" I naturally responded with, "What did I do?" He barked back, "You wrote a damn book! I have a waiting room full of clients and work stacked up on my desk, but I started reading your book and can't put the damn thing
down!" Needless to say, I couldn't imagine a more genuine and favorable review.

Something equally as gratifying and humbling happened recently. I met my doctor's wife, and she told me that she had sent my first two books to her son serving in Afghanistan. She said that he read them and shared them
with his friends who shared them with their friends, making it through the entire base. He told her that almost every soldier on the base read them, and by the time he got them back there were hardly any covers left. Learning
this really touched me deeply. During this conversation I also learned that her son had been injured over there and was back home recuperating and hadn't got to read the third and finale of the series. I immediately went
home and picked up the third book, Earth's Dragons, of the series for him. This was the least I could do for his sacrifice. For times such as these I will continue to write.
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