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Comments About Earth is Ours
Motivation beyond my personal enjoyment has come from my children,
family, and friends, who followed the story with great interest, pushing and
encouraging me to continue.  Even though I felt good about the story and the
feedback was flattering, I knew that family and friends might be hesitant to
criticize. In an effort to obtain an unbiased appraisal, I requested a select few
business professionals to read and offer their honest opinion. The following
are some excerpts from their comments:

"Bravo, I really enjoyed your book. I Found it very engrossing and interesting and
read it over two days.  This would make a great movie."
(Joan Hermanowski)

"I liked the story. It seems like a start of a big series. Good characters. They were 3
dimensional. Time moved. There was anticipation and suspense.” (Kelley

"I found your book to be very interesting and good! It kept my interest even
through the middle. There was just the right mix of action, humor, sex, and
battles. (Jim Hirschy)

“Please explain to me why EARTH IS OURS has fascinated me so completely? It
is a wonderful story. Gary, you spin a tale extremely well. Don't stop."  (Sybil
Comments About Target Earth
Gary W. Babb
Comments About Earth Dragons
Perhaps one of the most flattering comments a writer could receive
was from an attorney associate and friend in Washington, DC.  As a
friendly gesture he had offered to Copyright my first draft of Earth is
Ours.  Comment:
"Gary you SOB!  I have a waiting room full of clients
and work stacked up on my desk and I started reading your book and
can't put the damn thing down."
James E. Meyers  
Although I usually do not give many updates during the editing
process, I want you to know that I am extremely impressed by your
work!  You have a wonderful working knowledge of the English
language.  I normally don't care for science fiction, but I am
completely enjoying your mss. and the way in which you chose to
write it.  This book should be out there for science fiction readers,
and others to enjoy.
Paula Mangino  (Great Lakes Editing)  
Earth Is Ours   May 26, 2006

Carol Kress,   Miami, FL

I usually don't read science fiction and at the urging of a friend, I read your
book "Earth Is Ours".  I must admit that it was very good!!! I actually hated to
put it down anticipating what was going to happen next.  I can't wait to read
your next book.

Thu, 20 Oct 2005

It is almost Friday morning, but I finished your book.  I couldn't put it down
after I got to where the battle is starting to the end Wow!   What a story.  
I think it is neat the way you understand how we women think, a rare talent in
men.   Rosanne Barr said something the other night on Larry King, "You must
let men have their dreams so you can control their reality."  I think Amy does
that very well.  
Needless to say I haven't done much today besides read.  I am really looking
forward to reading "Target Earth"
Congratulations, your joy and passion of writing comes shining through.

Amazon Posted Reviews
5 Star Review   Highly Recommended  April 7, 2007  Midwest Book Review

5 Star Review            Amazing       January 29, 2007
Reviewer: Jessica Brooks "Jessica" (Dallas, NC)
This book is amazing. It was so easy to fall in love with the characters and I was
unable to put this book down as it seemed that I was there as the battle was
raging. Gary Babb put great detail into this book. His ability to switch from the
male perspective to the female perspective was interesting as well. Looking
forward to reading Target Earth!!

4 Star Review   I am impressed      January 25, 2007
Reviewer: Brenda Bray (St. Albans, Vermont)
Being a Terry Goodkind fan it is sometimes hard to read others.(just my opinion)
but when i read Earth is Ours...i realized that there is another author with an
open mind that can find a way to intergrade the male and female mind and make
it work...Help them keep separate identities yet act as one....Earth as Ours takes
fantasy one step farther and makes it work....Read and enjoy this author.....
Babb's next book is just as exciting...take my word for and enjoy...

5 Star Review                               February 23, 2006

L. J. Owens "Picky Reader" (Houston, TX)
What started as a desperate need to just give up and surrender to what seemed
to be the hopeless inevitable, soon turns to a bond between mind and spirit in a
world where technology has been rendered useless.
I highly recommend "Earth is Ours" for both men and women. The action is non-
stop and the characters are well defined. It’s a novel of self-discovery beginning
at the most basic emotional levels. Grief gives way to the rage of revenge, then
a hope for the future that gives its all for the passion of love.

5 Star Review          Intriguing Plot, January 27, 2006

Reviewer:        Susan Thomas
The author has created a unique approach in a work that combines action with
sentiment. Science fiction fans will enjoy the struggle to save the earth from the
invaders. The concept of AMY will be of interest to all female readers. I will be
interested in reading more of the conflict begun in Earth Is Ours.

5 Star Review    Where's the sequel, November 18, 2005

Reviewer:        Tami Dong (Tucson, AZ) -
The action in this story is non stop. The depth of the characters makes them
jump to life on the pages. This book would make a fantastic movie. It
demonstrates what the possibilities are if men and women could really become
united as one. I think women will enjoy this book as much as I did. This author
demonstrates a unique respect for women and seems to hold us in high esteem;
he must have a wonderful Mother.

5 Star Review     Excellent story, November 16, 2005
Reviewer:        James H. Smith (Miami) -

This is a great story line from the first pages through to the end. Can't wait for
the sequel.
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5 Star Review   Target Earth, March 27, 2007
Reviewer: L. J. Owens "Picky Reader" (Houston, TX)
After reading the first volume of this story, "Earth Is Ours," I couldn't wait for this
second part. The characters are well developed, the story engrossing, I couldn't
put it down! and its roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil. Its funny and
dramatic. Its written so well, that I sometimes even have sympathy for the 'bad
guys.' I highly recommend Gary W Babb's literary talents.

5 Star Review  Tami Dong, A reviewer, 02/14/2007 B&N  
Gary W Babb does it again
Once again I am captivated by the writing talent of Gary W Babb. 'Target Earth'
continues the amazing saga of 'Earth Is Ours.' Gary's unique gift of writing draws
the reader into the story with more action and surprises in 'Target Earth.' I hope
'Earth's Warriors will available soon.

5 Star Review   Better than the first!, February 6, 2007
Reviewer: James H. Smith (Miami)
This is a great story that keeps getting better. Now that the first book has
established the characters the story really flies.
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