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Gary W. Babb

Gary W. Babb is the traditionally published author of eight books:  
Fantasy series; Earth is Ours, Target Earth, Earth’s Dragons; a
biography, The People’s Warrior; a SciFi series, Genesis Logs and
Genesis Prime; a YA Fantasy, Dark Angels of Zeus; and Bathroom
Politics.  He also has another pending publication and two others in
the final stages of completion.    
    As a business executive his previous writing experience was
directed toward letters, memos, proposals, and reports; however,
he has always enjoyed the magic that can be spun with words to
sell, convince, or inform those targeted.  Earth is Ours was his first
effort toward spinning a tale of entertainment.  This first literary
effort won him “Best Science Fiction/Fantasy 2005” award from the
prestigious San Diego Book Awards, where he lived.  The saga
continued with the sequel, Target Earth, which made the three
“Finalist” list for the same award in 2006.  The third of the Earth
Series and finale, Earth’s Dragons, was published in 2012, while
living in Oklahoma.  He also began a new SciFi series with Genesis
Logs, published in 2013 and Genesis Prime published 2015.   
Gary served in the Navy and traveled the world.  Originally from
Oklahoma, work took him to South Florida, South Texas and
Southern California.  These life experiences can be seen in his
writing.  Gary is now semi-retired and currently living in Phoenix,
Arizona, where his writing picks up a definite Arizona flare as well.
I think Arizona SciFi readers will see many more books from this
prolific writer in the future.
Appearances and Book Signings

Guest Author/Panelist        CoKoCon        Phoenix        Aug. 31-Sep.3,2018
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