Gary W. Babb
Star Children
Star Children

                                        STORY DESCRIPTION

The Arcadians, an ancient but dying alien race, genetically engineered their race
to survive and interface with humans. These “Star Children” look, act and are
human, but they are far more. The Human/Arcadian juveniles have dormant
mental powers over the elements that begin to emerge at puberty. These DNA
altered infants were dispersed to orphanages throughout the U.S. and Great
Britain to develop as humans but awaken as Arcadians as adults.

When many of these Star Children begin to be murdered while in government
custody, it comes to the attention of the president. Horrified, he orders an
investigation that leads to the unveiling of deep corruption within the government
and military. The FBI discover a sinister plot to eliminate their only threat, the
Star Children, and begin a war using aliens and advanced technology controlled
by a secret human organization. It is about a war that should have ended over
seventy years ago and an intricate and complicated plot devised and
implemented over decades to achieve world domination. They have chosen now
to launch their war.

Some of the Star Children survive and band together and use their emerging
powers to survive against the assault on them. As their powers grow they search
out their benefactors in Antarctica to discover who they are. They learn they are
the only force that can stand against the enemy. They collaborate with the US
and Russian governments to uncover the plot and battle against this rogue
waring force.

This is a fast moving adventure with building mystery and many twists. Join the
Star Children and their human allies in their battle to survive long enough to
evolve and combat the enemy. Be there as they learn to use their evolving
mental powers to manipulate the elements to survive, as they fight land and air
battles and in their Investigative research to uncover the master plot and try to
disrupt it.
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Star Children