Title:                Target Earth
Author:        Gary W. Babb
Publishers:        Author House, 2007
Category:        sci- fi
Rating:                5 bolts

In a lot of way, Gary W. Babb reminds me of George Lucas, and
his books of the original Star Wars trilogy.  Lucas narrated a
superb tale, a sci-fi epic in his first movie Star Wars. The story
continued without a break (and at the same time each movie was
a class by its own) with Return of the Jedi and The Empire
Strikes Back.

Likewise Gary W. Babb has narrated a superb tale, a sci-fi story
in his first book Earth is Ours. The story continues in this the 2nd
book Target Earth without a break (and at the same time both
books retain their individuality) and the third in the trilogy Earth’
s Warrior’s will hit the stands real soon.

The old but rejuvenated Indian Warrior Levi is back and so Amy.
For the uninitiated Amy is a symbiotic self-aware female
computer without which Levi is not complete. She is a part of
Levi and at the same time retains her own unique individuality
and independent opinions.  This time also the fight against the
aliens continues. They have taken over the world and it is a day-
to-day existence for the human race…rather what is remaining of
them. How the duo (I can’t exactly refer to them as a duo- both
are two dimensions of a single material person) fights the aliens
form the theme of the work.

The highlight of the work is of course, the interfacing dialogue
between Levi and Amy. The brawn and brain co-exist as two
personas in the same person…and no I am not saying that this is
a case of multiple personality. If you feel confused by my
description, the best way to clear it is simple- read the book.
I enjoyed it and can’t wait to get my hands on Earth’s Warriors.

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