Genesis Prime

Private Log of Captain Nick Johns

 If I have learned anything from my over 300 years of life, it is the
absolute certainty that humans can not be trusted to govern
themselves.  Humans by their very nature are self-destructive, and
given enough time they will destroy themselves.  I wish I had know that
when President McIntosh had asked me to serve him, humanity, and as
he put it:  “Hell, Nick I’m asking you to serve the world and keep
humanity alive.”  I’m still mad at him for asking me to commit to serving
humanity and keeping it alive.  Amazing, since he has been dead for
over 270 years; he died along with the rest of humanity when Earth

 I should have realized this was an impossible task when humanity
turned upon itself and destroyed all life on Earth, even before the
asteroid exploded the already dead planet.  I should have remembered
Humanity’s history as filled with never ending wars.  Hell, I was even a
Marine in one of those wars.   Who was right, and who was wrong?  It
doesn’t matter; humans look for an excuse to war, and people died.  
That very fact should have told me that humans are destined to have
strife and war.  Maybe the radicalized Muslims were right and it was
Allah’s will that no humans escape destruction.  They said the asteroid
was sent to destroy the wicked and the Genesis Project was an

 I should have realized this was an impossible task when we had an
attempted mutiny on board Genesis en route to our new home on
Genesis Prime, and we only had less than 75 people on the awake
team.  I couldn’t even prevent it.  Well, I did prevent the mutiny; I killed
them.  But, the fact that conflict between humans, even with a small
population, is inevitable; it’s human nature.

 I should have realized this was an impossible task when we met the
highly evolved aliens, The Enlightened.  They tried to tell me that our
species couldn’t interface with them because of the destructive
emotions humans demonstrated such as lust, pride, greed, conceit,
vanity, jealousy, covetousness, etc.  They transported us 40 light years
away from them before we could corrupt their minds.  I should have
listened more carefully.

 I should have realized this was an impossible task when I was
assassinated.  That certainly surprised me, but I dare say it surprised
the plotters and assassins even more to discover that I had a spare
body for just such an event.

 I really don’t want to sound so cynical.  Of course there are good
humans that control their emotions and are kind, caring, benevolent,
and work for the common good of all; but they tend not to defend
themselves and become followers, letting others lead.  Unfortunately,
the bad ones seem to float to the top and influence the sheep
followers.  I have learned from my mistakes and will never allow this to
happen again, and I have the power.  Some think of me and refer to me
as a god, and many even call me Zeus.  Certainly I have many god-like
powers, immortality being only one of them.

 Me and my staff created the immortality gene (IG) to restore and save
Akiko.  I would have done anything to save her.  We have since injected
this IG treatment into the awake team staff and some of the more key
personnel necessary for survival on Genesis Prime.  I have since
decided to provide this option sparingly.  Immortality in some could
become a burden to my command in later years; immortal years are
forever.  No, I have decided to bestow immortality only to those loyal to
me and have proven themselves dedicated to the common good of all.  
I certainly don’t need any immortal psychopaths or self-centered
narcissists to deal with over time.

  I believe I am one of the good ones, and I think I have shown this to
be the case over and over.  As Marine Captain Nick Johns I sacrificed
myself to save my men and was rewarded with a life as a quadriplegic;
as Captain of the Genesis I saved the lives of all on board numerous
times; and I have kept the Genesis Plan and humanity alive.  None of
this means anything though, because it doesn’t really matter if I’m one
of the good ones or not; good or bad I carry the responsibility, thanks to
the president talking me into assuming the control and salvation of the
human race.  I committed myself to this task, and now I have no choice.  
I will save the human race, even from itself, even if I have to kill some
of them to do it.  I am no longer interested in saving or even trying to
work with psychopaths or bearers of evil.  No, I am only interested in
working with those that promote the common good, and to do that they
must serve least follow my instructions and rules.

 My children have asked to read my logs.  This is why I am reviewing
them to see if anything should be skipped, but I have nothing to hide.  
Most of it is, however, boring, since so many uneventful years are
documented; therefore I am skimming over the logs and eliminating
much of the useless or redundant entries.   The file for publication will
be this reduced and rendered version.

Introduction to the Public Genesis Prime Logs

 To those of you awakening that went into cryogenics before leaving
Earth, an unbelievably lot has happened since we launched, and the
good news is that you survived!  Some did not, but you did.

 As predicted, the Earth was destroyed by an asteroid a few days after
launching, and we are the only survivors of Earth.  Earth may have died,
but we brought all the history and knowledge of the human race with
us.  This knowledge and history still lives through us.

 We were joined in orbit by another escape ship, Hope, from Japan.  
They came under our protection and authority and are welcome
members of our new society.

 The biggest shock will be discovering that a minimum of 132 years
have passed, and we have arrived at New Earth, which has been
renamed Genesis Prime.  Let me put 132 years into perspective in this
way.  Doctor Rossen and Linda Clark, two of the major designers of
Genesis, had a child on board ship.  This girl, Katherine (Katy), grew to
adulthood aboard Genesis, was educated with numerous doctorate
degrees, had a full 50 year career organizing and planning the
colonization of Genesis Prime, and eventually she died of old age at the
advanced age of 123.  Does this put 132 years into perspective?

 Now before you become confused, there is a Katy now in charge of the
colonization on Genesis Prime.  She is a complete doppelganger clone
of this original Katy, both mind (memories) and body.  She was simply
too important to our survival on Genesis Prime to lose.  Dr. Rossen, Dr.
Taka, and myself made this happen.

 We launched from Area 51 on July 8, 2015, but only minutes before a
terrorist atomic bomb exploded.  Minutes before this happened we
worried about a last minute worker’s revolt, not unlike everyone
wanting to get on the last lifeboat of a sinking ship, but we were saved
from this by an impromptu address from President McIntosh.  After
hearing it I vowed to immortalize his last words.  

 This happened over 132 years ago, but I remember it vividly as if it
happened yesterday.  President McIntosh stood outside on the ramp of
Air Force One and pointed toward the ship for emphasis and said,
“Genesis, we who are about to die salute you!  You carry with you our
future, our hopes and dreams…all that we are and have ever been.  We
gave you life, and you are our child, and we sacrifice our lives so our
child might live.  As long as you live we will live in your memory.  Like
Genesis of the Bible, in the beginning…this is our new beginning.  May
God bless this new beginning.”

“I am not leaving.  I will stand with you and defend our child!”  He stood
tall and erect and full of defiance.  The crowd began to cheer, and I
cheered with them.

You might also be interested in knowing that we are not alone in the
universe.  We even used alien technology in the construction of
Genesis, and without it we would not have survived the long, arduous
voyage.  The government kept the knowledge of aliens a secret, but
there is obviously no reason to keep this a secret now.  

During the long voyage we met another race of highly evolved aliens,
The Enlightened.  I won’t say they were particularly friendly, but they did
help us along the way and cut 40 light years off our scheduled trip.  
They again helped us during the final leg of our trip.  Without their
assistance we would have surely failed.  Some will say it was Divine
Intervention, and it may well have been.  Either way, we are here now.
If you want to know more about the voyage, a reduced copy of the
“Genesis Logs” is available for you to read and study detailing the
entire voyage.

As you rejoin the living there are a few things you need to know.  The
colonization of Genesis Prime will be governed under military control,
and I, Admiral Nick Johns, is the supreme authority.  I am in command,
and you will follow my rules.  My second in command is Capt. McCullah,
which you may remember as Major General McCullah.  All Genesis
citizens will fall under a department head (Cdr.).  The rest you will learn
as we go along.
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