Gary W. Babb
Genesis Prime

Genesis Prime
The arduous 200 light year space journey from a destroyed Earth is
finally over. Now Captain Nick Johns and the crew of the spaceship
Genesis must carve out space on a new world to colonize.
Unfortunately, their new home planet, Genesis Prime, is already
inhabited by three sentient races, one of which is human transplanted
from Earth in the 3rd Century BC by aliens needing slave labor.

Captain Johns and his crew liberate the enslaved humans and capture
the aliens ruling over them. The human slaves still lived in the 3rd
Century culture and viewed the humans of the Genesis as Olympian
gods, actually believing Captain Johns was the Olympian god, Zeus.

During the liberation they also captured the alien technology, which
was far more advanced than that of the Genesis. Eventually they
befriend the few remaining aliens and learn the secrets of their
technology, one of which is a Plasma Bubble that can transport matter
through time and space. They use this technology to free the last
remaining almost extinct aliens from their home world. In doing so, the
Genesis attracts the attention of the alien's adversaries that were
waging genocide against them. These adversaries now turn their war
upon the Genesis colony.

Battles rage against these vicious, attacking aliens until the Genesis
must face the most ruthless and dangerous race yet, the Human Race.
Captain johns learns with absolute certainty that humans can not be
trusted to govern themselves. Humans by their very nature are
self-destructive, and given enough time they will destroy themselves.
The hardest battles came from within the Human Race and its inherent
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