Gary W. Babb
Genesis Logs

Genesis Logs
Capt. Nick Johns, a wounded and quadriplegic Marine Corps veteran
unbelievably, recall him to active duty to serve humanity.  He was
chosen because of his self-sacrificing war record and his unique
ability to survive depression resulting from his debilitating injury.  His
brain is required to command and become the spaceship, Genesis, for
a two hundred year deep space flight to reestablish the human race
doomed to extinction from an asteroid.

One selfless but vastly superior mind must discover a way to honor
his commitment to serve humanity and save the human race, even
from itself.  Capt. Johns must survive years of medical research and
implementation, technical and societal challenges and disasters, long
years of loneliness inherent to command, alien encounters and
possibly even Divine Intervention.  Can the love of two women
provide the balance he so desperately needs to endure the pressure,
or will they cause his demise?
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