Gary W. Babb
Earth is Ours
Earth is Ours

"Earth is Ours," a fresh and uniquely original story line, bridges many
genres.  A symbiotic relationship develops between a self-aware
female computer and an American Indian man dying of old age.  A world
stripped of technology by aliens forces this relationship dictated by
mutual needs for survival.  The main characters begin the fight of their
lives, but before they can fight the fierce aliens, Levi and Amy must
fight for control of who they will be jointly.  What begins as conflict of
minds develops into tolerance, then cooperation and finally love. This
love of total oneness creates a unity of incredible power and strength
that provides the means to fight the aliens.  Female brains and male
brawn unite to battle against incredible odds for the survival of the
human race.  The conflict of minds, action, adventure and suspense all
interlace into a compelling and fast-paced adventure.

The characters are three dimensional with real emotions, not always
perfect, but always interacting. The story, presented from differing
viewpoints, allows the two main characters to depict some of the same
events from both a male and female perspective.  As they interface,
the events are often seen from conflicting emotions and motivations,
sometimes cynical and often humorous.  This internal intercourse
reveals the eternal struggle of male versus female, while combating
monstrous aliens.   

As expected, this fast-paced, action story has a strong appeal to men;
while the romance aspect compliments the story, expanding the appeal
for women.  Additionally, one of the main characters, Amy, a particularly
brilliant and forceful female, demands attention from both sexes. Her
physical and masculine male counterpart represents everything Amy is
not.  Both characters and sexes are presented in a positive, although
conflicting, way at times. The characters and story are captivating, and
their saga continues in its sequel, “Target Earth.”
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