Gary W. Babb
Dark Angels of Zeus

Dark Angels of Zeus
Thousands of years ago Earth was visited, colonized and ruled by an
immortal alien race from the planet Titan.  These immortals were
considered gods by the indigenous population ... humans.  These
gods ruled Earth from Mount Olympus, but they made a serious
mistake ... they mated with mortal humans and started a chain reaction
among the human descendants that took centuries to resurface that
threatened the entire population of Earth.    

suddenly awoke one day with sketchy ancient memories, powers you
don’t understand or know how to control, and vicious enemies you
can hardly believe?  Could you discover and activate your ancient
What if you were one of these remote genetic descendants and
powers in time to save yourself from an ancient, evil enemy totally
dedicated to destroying you?  Could you live long enough to unite
with others of your kind, whatever that is, for defense or would you
quickly die?

This is a story of these human descendants (Dark Angels), many
young, thrust into battle for their salvation and the salvation of Earth
and all its humans.   
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