Gary W. Babb
Target Earth
Target Earth
Target Earth is the continuing saga and greatly anticipated sequel of
the award winning book, Earth is Ours, “Best” Fantasy/SciFi 2005 from
the prestigious San Diego Book Awards Association.  The beloved
characters developed in the original story evolve and begin an
exciting new adventure as they defy monstrous, invading aliens
dedicated to the total destruction of the Human Race.  

Amy is a self-aware female computer whose only connection to the
outside world is through a telepathic link.  Levi was a dying elderly
Indian man who is rejuvenated through this telepathic connection with
Amy.  It is a story of this forced symbiotic relationship dictated by
mutual needs for their survival in a world stripped of technology.   

Although they have separate and individual minds, they must co-exist
in Levi’s augmented body, sharing differing emotions and motivations,
while simultaneously battling the enemy.  Female brains and male
brawn must unite as one in love and power to create a new entity to
lead the fight against the aliens.  

They are aided in this war by human armies and rescued alien slaves,
but they are still vastly outnumbered in this conflict.  These affable
aliens will touch your heart with their loyalty and action, while the
enemy will rouse your rage and fear.  This is truly a Good versus Evil
tale, but does good always win?

The male versus female conflict of minds, emotions and motivations
remain a large portion of the story as it unfolds from both viewpoints.  
The struggle continues against formidable invaders led by an awe
inspiring supreme leader.  In this fast paced and compelling
adventure, battles wage across the California and Arizona deserts.  
These unique characters, and the riveting story, are strong and their
saga continues into the third book of this series Earth’s Dragons.
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Target Earth

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