Gary W. Babb
Earth's Dragons
Earth's Dragons
Earth's Dragons is the continuing saga and greatly anticipated second
sequel of the award winning book, Earth is Ours, "Best" Fantasy/SciFi
2005 from the prestigious San Diego Book Awards Association. The
first sequel, Target Earth, placed Finalist in the same awards for 2006.
The beloved characters developed in the original story evolve and
begin an exciting new adventure in the sequel. In Earth's Dragons the
characters evolve yet again and embark on a new adventure and
finale of the series as they continue to defy monstrous, invading
aliens dedicated to the total destruction of the human race. The male
versus female conflict of minds, emotions and motivations remain a
large portion of the story as it unfolds from both viewpoints. The
struggle continues against formidable invaders led by an awe
inspiring supreme leader. In this fast paced and compelling adventure,
battles wage across the California and Arizona deserts.
The "Earth is Ours Series
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