Gary W. Babb
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                “Works of Gary W. Babb”

... the every expanding collection of writings of this  
Author. Caution: We have received reports that
readers have been so engrossed with the story lines
that daily chores (… like “work”...), have been

Be prepared to experience the rare 'joy' of reading
where the Author introduces you to a plot line that you
may have never considered or experienced thereby
allowing you to “Open That Door” in your mind which
you never knew was there and allows you to enter into
the realm of imagination... guided by the skillful hands
of the Author.  
(...Please ensure your tray-tables are up
and secure and your seat-belts are securely fastened...).

Return and visit often... (… there are 'new things' just
beyond the horizon that are about to appear... ;)
The Works of Gary W. Babb

Aquatic Humanoids
Sequel in work
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