Chapter 1

“HOLY Crap! I bellowed, “Thank you Lord ... thank you…thank you!”  I
suppose this might be a typical shocked response for anyone winning
$283,000,000 in the Powerball Lottery.  I checked the odds once and
discovered it was 173,000,000 to 1.  Now I had just became the (1) and
became extremely wealthy overnight.  I had always said it would take
Divine Intervention to win, but it was something else.  Brin had given
me the winning numbers and promised that I would win with them.  I
played the numbers, even though I considered Brin full of shit, but he
was correct.  I would now have to change my opinion of Brin and accept
that he must be correct in all the other things he had told me.

I met Brin in a Prepper website.  I remember I had posted the following:

I am convinced that a catastrophe (from nature or more likely man-
made) of some sort will happen in the near future.  I believe that the
average person is totally unprepared and ignorant in the basic skills of  
“survival”.  I'm thinking the flow of events would happen like this:
  1. Catastrophe happens – panic, fear, uncertainty, loss of hope
  2. Infrastructure collapses – communication, electricity, water stop,...
    stores stripped clean, looting, the strong/bully segment emerge.
  3. Average person huddles in their home/apartment hoping that
    everything will somehow 'come back' to normal (..or at least for as
    long as their personal resources last).
  4. After about 3 days to a week of no food, the layer of 'civilized man'
    begins to crack and people begin to do anything necessary to
    acquire what they feel are the 'essentials'.
  5. The initial grouping would be at the church/family/close friends
    level because of inherent trust.
  6. People begin to  carefully 'group' to gain the 'protection' of
    numbers... Groups will battle each other for available resources
    or power.
  7. Areas more remote and miles from metropolitan cities should be
    in better shape because in many cases these are rancher/farmers
    and as such have a better understanding of living off the land...
    plus, they stand a much better chance that what they have will not
    be ravaged by roaming gangs from the city because of the
  8. The folks in these remote areas may very well have the
    opportunity to come together (as neighbors which have helped
    each other in the past) and form a protective 'group' of their own
    which is charged with defending their 'homeland'.
  9. The gangs will grow larger and canvas further out, and no one or
    group will be safe.
  10. As food becomes more scarce, without the existence of law
    enforcement or organized armies the gangs will kill to take what
    they want and become primitive.  Civilization ceases to exist.

Brin asked me what I was doing about it?

I said, “Well, nothing.  I have plenty of ideas and plans, but unless I win
the lottery I don’t have the capital to do any of them.  I guess this
statement laid the groundwork for everything that followed.  We got
along well, and his enthusiasm transferred to me.  We communicated
via e-mails for weeks exchanging ideas, even plans, but it wasn’t until
last week that he came right out and asked me to partner with him to
build an off-grid complex for survival and defense.  I told him I would
love to, but nothing had changed, and I didn’t have the capital.  

Brin said, “You are still waiting to win the lottery?”

“Yep, that’s the problem.”

His next e-mail shocked me to the core.  It said play these numbers in
the Oklahoma Powerball Lottery on this date.  When you win I will
assume you will then be my partner and will follow my guidelines.

Can he be for real or is this some kind of a sick joke?  Of course it’s a
joke, but the doubt remained in my mind.  Certainly, I was curious
enough to play the numbers, which I did and incredibly I won!  Now
what?  I’m committed but committed to what?  I started to get scared.  I
better find out just what I have gotten myself into.  Obviously Brin had
some kind of power, but at least I’m the one with the $ 283,000,000.  
Maybe I’m the one with the power.  Oh well, it’s time to find out.

I sent an e-mail to Brin.  It simply said, “I won the lottery.  Now what?”

His response simply said, “Now you start building the off-the-grid
compound ... quickly.  I suggest that you deposit the money in several
banks for diversity and protection, set up a$30,000,000 account with a
stock broker, immediately start negotiations with several of the major
Muskogee/Tahlequah area contractors capable of building fast and, if
necessary, can build night and day.  I have developed detailed
construction plans for the complex you described, which are attached
to this e-mail.  I have added and improved your plans to accommodate
some of our needs.”

“I have also done some research on you and know you currently live in
Muskogee, Oklahoma.  This is an acceptable area of your country to
base our complex.  Through Google Earth I have also located a prime
location in your area.  As you will see on the attached map, this one
hundred acres is on the banks of Lake Tenkiller just east of you.  This
acreage also includes an island, two in fact.  The big island provides the
perfect protection for the main complex.  It has water on three sides
and access to the island from land will be by bridge, which will be a
draw bridge, also for protection.”  

“You need to find an aggressive real estate agent to purchase this
property for you.  It could be complicated and difficult, so be ready to
pay incentives and bribes.  I discovered that you are 50% Cherokee
Indian and are a member of the Cherokee Nation.  This property is
within the Cherokee Nation, so it might be beneficial to seek their help,
possibly even partner with them.”

“This is a good beginning.  Good Luck.”

Talk about panic, I have no idea what I have gotten myself into, and I did
not respond to his e-mail.  I figured I had plenty to do, and I could figure
out what to say later.  It took all the next day getting the money.  I had to
take off work to drive to Oklahoma City to claim it, and was still doubtful
until I actually had the certified checks in my hand.  The IRS was
standing in line to get the government’s share, not to mention the State
of Oklahoma.  Between the two they took over $100,000,000.  I couldn’t
believe it, but I finally was approved.  Like Brin suggested, I had them
give me four checks.  I still couldn’t believe I had won that much money
and kept looking at the checks.  By the time I returned to Muskogee I
was a believer, especially when I deposited the checks into the Banks.  
The bank officials looked at me like I couldn’t be for real, and I felt ten
feet tall.  I had no idea how to set up a stock broker account, but a
branch manager helped me set one up.  I still didn’t know what I was
going to do with it, but I did as Brin asked.

I was all smiles as I left the last bank.  Being a poor man, I was not used
to money, but I was learning fast.  My wallet was full of $100 bills and
blank checks, and the first thing I did was head to the GMC dealer and
pick out a new bright red GMC 4/4 extended cab pickup.  Well, it was the
second thing I did.  The first was quitting my job.  I always wanted to say,
“Take this job and shove it.”  I didn’t say it, but it was nice to know I
could have.  It was fantastic not to have to worry about the price for the
pickup, and I didn’t even haggle the price.  As a business major in
college this was completely out of character for me.  Usually I love to
haggle price, but I figured this once I could live with it.  When they
asked me if I needed financing I of course said no and proceeded to
write a check.  Being a thirtyish looking Indian male, I’m sure they didn’t
take me serious at first, but when they called the bank on my check they
got serious very quickly.

With my scheduled chores done for the day I found the most expensive
restaurant I could find and headed in.  I was thinking the waitress would
be surprised at her tip today.  

It was time to consider my situation.  I had tried to keep my mind clear
today, but it was time to consider some of the red flags waving in my
head from the last conversation with Brin.  Things just didn’t seem to
add up.   Several times he had mentioned the need for speed on our
project.  I would have to find out more.  Another thing bothering me was
an apparent slip in the use of a word.  Brin had said, “Your country”, like
he was not from this country.  Just where the hell was he from?  But, I
suppose the most troubling thing: Brin had delivered on providing the
winning lottery numbers.  How the hell did he do that?  

My attention was focused upon my thoughts, but shockingly, it
immediately turned to the gorgeous black-haired waitress.  Wow, what a
beauty.  I decided to put off my concerns and concentrate on some
serious flirting.  She had long curly black hair that shined in the dim
light.  Her smiling face lit up her light brown eyes.  The tuxedo like white
shirt and black skirt were filled out with a stunning figure that totally
captured my attention.

Throughout dinner she returned often to check on me, and since the
restaurant was slow, she even sat and visited, and I began to learn
more about her.  Janet Walsh was her name, and she was a senior at NE
University in Tahlequah earning a degree in chemistry.  

I got brave and asked, “What time do you get off?  Maybe we can go get
a drink somewhere.”

Janet sort of looked sad and said, “I’m sorry.  I have a boyfriend.”

I said, “That’s too bad.  I would love to know you better.”

When she came back to take my bill, I dished out two hundred dollar
bills for a bill of $75.00.  When she gave me a questioning look, I said,
“The rest is for you.  Keep the change.”  I always wanted to say that.  
When she returned with my receipt she leaned over and said, “My
boyfriend is working out of town.  Maybe we can go for that drink.  I get
off in an hour if you like.”

“I would like that very much.  I’ll meet you outside in an hour.”

I thought to myself, “Wow! I can’t believe my luck.”   I then remembered
my small apartment.  I couldn’t take her there.  It was a dump.  I took off
to get some wine and a room in a nice place.  That went quickly, and I
was waiting in my new pickup when I saw her come out.  I blinked my
lights and got out to wait.  I opened her door and helped her into the
passenger seat, while I continued to appraise her beauty.  She was
shorter than I had expected, maybe 5’ 2”, maybe 115 lbs, with a round
bubble butt and large breasts.  In short, she was a beauty.  We talked
easily as I drove to the hotel room.  It didn’t seem to upset her as I
pulled into the hotel parking lot, seemingly expecting this.  

Once we were in the room I popped the cork on a bottle of red and
white wines.  Janet sat on the bed and took the white, while I took the
red.  All the signs seemed good that this was going to be a good night.  
Janet had accepted the fact that I had taken her to a hotel, she
accepted the wine and even set on the bed.  Things were looking up.

We sipped our wine and talked.  I was curious about her boyfriend, but I
didn’t want to bring up the subject, thinking that I didn’t want her
thinking about her boyfriend.  She, however, brought up the subject.  
She mentioned that they had been going out for a few months, but he
worked much of the time out of town, and she hadn’t seen him in over a
month.  Yep, this was going to be a good night.  She was here with me
and things were going well.  I moved from my chair to sit beside her on
the bed, and I was ready to make my move.  Unfortunately, her
cellphone started ringing.

Janet looked at her phone and said, “Shit!  It’s my boyfriend.”  It looked
like she might just let it ring, but finally she said, “He knows I’m off
work.  I have to take it.”

Graciously, I said, “Go ahead.  I’ll stay quiet.”

She said, “Thank you,” then “Hello.”  She was nervous but continued
the pleasantries with her boyfriend.  They were obviously catching up
and talked about his work and her job, but slowly the conversation got
more personal.  I could tell when she said, “Yeah, me too.  I miss you.  
Me too.”  Obviously, he was talking sexual to her and after a while she
slowly began to respond.  She didn’t want it to happen with me there,
but there was nothing she could do without him starting to ask where
she was and why she couldn’t talk.  I watched her and slowly began to
massage her neck.  She stiffened up, but there wasn’t much she could
do.  I felt her begin to relax and gently pushed her back on the bed.  
She resisted at first, then allowed herself to lay back as she continued
to talk softly.  I heard him say, “My bra and panties.”  I knew then that he
was undressing her on the phone and allowed my hands to begin
undoing the buttons on her white blouse.  She immediately grabbed her
shirt with her free hand to stop me.  She looked into my eyes and I into
hers, then she dropped her hand away giving me access.  I slowly
began to unbutton all the buttons, pull the sides of her blouse back on
either side, exposing her black lace bra and soft skin.  My hands gently
began rubbing and caressing her stomach.  As I continued, her
breathing got heaver.  I’m not sure if it was from me or his phone
seduction, probably both.  My hands slowly slid over her breasts and
began caressing them.  Janet was really getting into this now, and when
my hands slid under her bra to cup her breasts she moaned loud.  I
lifted her bra and let her breasts free.  Her nipples stood hard, and I
rubbed my thumbs over them, then rolled them between my fingers and
thumbs.  She was breathing heavy and moaning almost continuously.  I
began kissing and licking all over her beautiful breasts.  When I sucked
her nipples she screamed.  

She said into the phone, “Oh yes, keep talking to me.  Keep doing these
things to me.”

I took this to mean keep doing what I was doing.  I kissed down her
stomach and wiggled my tongue deep into her navel.  Her body began
quivering.  I slipped my hands down and under her skirt and began
slowly working her skirt up to her waist.  She was wearing matching
black lace bikini panties.  Even though her panties were black I could
see and smell her juices, and it was intoxicating.  She kept moaning and
talking, encouraging her boyfriend as I slipped her panties down and off
her legs.  

Janet said, “Hold on a minute, Danny.  I need to remove my bra and
panties and get naked for you.”  She lay the phone down and quickly set
up and began removing her blouse, bra and skirt.  She leaned toward
me and kissed me hard on my mouth, then wiggled completely back up
on the bed and propped her head on a pillow.  Janet looked at me,
smiled and spread her legs for me.  I smiled back and dove between her
hot thighs.  I wrapped my arms under and around her thighs and spread
them wide.  She had picked her phone back up in time to moan heavily
into it as I slid my tongue through her pussy lips.  Her thighs were
quivering and her pussy generating an abundance of sweet nectar as
lapped it up.  I wanted more, so I slid my hands under her butt cheeks
and lifted her butt into the air and propped her up on my elbows.  The
angle was much better and my mouth was able to completely covered
her bald pussy as my tongue explored every inch of her center.  When
my tongue touched her clit her pussy and thighs began to quiver
heavily, and I sucked her button into my mouth, while rubbing it with my
tongue.  She began screaming and her entire body went into
convulsions, her pussy flooded my mouth and face with juice, and her
thighs clamped down hard on my head.  I would say she had one hell of
an orgasm.  I heard her say, “Hell yes, I had an orgasm.  Thanks.”

When she calmed some she released my captured head and twisted off
my propped hands to fall face down.  Her and her boyfriend were
chatting more calmly now, but I was screaming inside for release.  I
quickly straddled her thighs from behind and began probing my dick
between her butt cheeks.  She was so wet I had no trouble finding her
hot tunnel and sank deep into its depths.  Her pussy was still quivering
from her strong orgasm as I began pumping into her.  She was shocked
but seemed to love it.  Her butt cheeks and pussy muscles gripped my
dick  so hard I almost screamed, but I held it.  I heard her say, “I made a
mess.  I have to go get cleaned up.  Yeah, it was great.  Talk to you
soon. Love you, too.”

Janet relaxed and grabbed hold of her pillow and held on screaming,
while I pounded into her hot, tight pussy and butt cheeks.  I was in such
an excited state that it didn’t take long before I exploded into her
steamy and quivering pussy.  

       I finally rolled over beside her, and she cuddled up close and said,
“What the hell did you say your name was?”  We both started laughing

I said, “My name is Mike Brannon.”

Well, Mike Brannon, that is the most kinky and erotic thing I have ever
experienced, and I’m about to show you how much I appreciated it.”

That is exactly what she did for the rest of the night.  She rode me like a
cowgirl and each time I thought I was finished she always found a way to
get me going again.  It was unbelievable.

By mid morning we were both exhausted.  We showered together,
dressed and said our goodbyes.  Janet gave me her number with
instructions to call her anytime, and I’m sure I will.

Damn the whole evening had been surreal.  Certainly, I had forgotten
about Brin, but as I dropped Janet off at her car every thing came
flooding back.   

Sure enough when I returned to my apartment there was another e-mail
from Brin.  It was simple: “How are things going?”  A second later e-mail
said, “I have found a real estate agent for you.  She actually works for
the Cherokee Nation, so she can be double helpful.  He gave her name,
Nancy Macintosh, and contact information.  Please contact her as soon
as possible.  I have already sent her the map of the property, and she is
already working on it.”

 This angered me.  Damn he was pushy.  I fired back an e-mail saying,
“Brin, first I have done all you suggested.  The money is in four different
banks, and I set up the stock broker account for 30,000,000.  I hope you
know I don’t know a damn thing about buying stock.  Next, I will go see
Nancy Macintosh tomorrow and see what we can work out on the

Now, for you.  You need to provide me more information about where
we are going with this and why such a fast rush.  You also need to tell
me more about you and your group.  I have lots of questions which
need answering.”

As was normal with communications with Brin, there was no immediate
response, and he didn’t expect a fast one.  He would just have to wait,
so he would proceed with the meeting with the realtor.  He hated to be
pushed, but actually it was still early in the day and decided to go ahead
and take off for Tahlequah and try to make contact with Nancy
Macintosh.  If he was honest with himself he was actually excited about
this project.  It offered many challenges, and that intrigued him.  He had
never been backed with huge capital before, which gave him a
tremendous negotiating advantage.

On the relatively short trip to Tahlequah he called Nancy, and she
answered after only one ring.  Obviously Nancy had already
programmed his number into her cell phone and was anxious to talk to

Nancy said, “Hello Mr. Brannon.  I’m glad you called.”

“Please, call me Mike.  I’m on my way there to see you.  Can we meet
this afternoon to discuss this project?”

“Of course.  Let me suggest we meet at Starbucks just down the street
from the Cherokee complex on South Muskogee.  My office space at the
Cherokee complex is limited.  We will have a little more room to spread
out there.”

“That sounds great.  I should be there in about 30 minutes.  I’ll be the
one wearing a red ball hot.”

I got there a little early, but I immediately saw her standing outside.  
Wow! what a beauty she was.  She looked to be in her late twenties,
smallish, dark complexioned with long dark hair, and as I got closer I
saw those big beautiful brown eyes looking and smiling at me.  It didn’t
take long, however, to discover that she was totally focused on the
business at hand.   

We spent little wasted time and got right to business.  I quickly realized
that Nancy was quite competent and totally committed and focused to
accomplishing this project.  I immediately gained confidence in her
ability.  In fact, she had already made offers on the property that was
privately owned.  She informed me that Brin had been correct in his
analysis on the property owned by the State of Oklahoma.  The only
option for a deal on this property involved the state selling to the
Cherokee Nation, which then could be co-owned with a Cherokee
citizen as the majority owner.  Precedence exists, because the State of
Oklahoma has a history of selling state property to a major nationally
recognized Indian nation.  She said it’s a little on the grey side but it
could be done with a few carefully selected political contributions.  She
smiled at this statement and kind of shrugged, as if to say, “It’s up to

We continued our discussion through a couple more coffees and finally
a sandwich.  Papers and maps were spread out over the table top, but
we didn’t seem to have enough room.  Finally Nancy said, “You know, I
don’t live too far from here.  Maybe we should move over there and
spread out there.  I have a conference table there that will let us view
all the maps and documents.”

I said, “Actually that sounds like a good idea, but I wouldn’t want to
inconvenience your family.”

Nancy said, “I’m not married.  I do live with my sister, but she is out of
town, so there is no inconvenience.  Let’s do it.  We still have a lot to
discuss, and we still need to sign some contracts.”

We quickly packed up, and I followed her to her home, which was not
very far.  I was impressed with the decor, and Nancy had certainly been
accurate about having a conference table.  It was positioned in an
oversize dinning room, which obviously had been purposely planned
for a business office.  Apparently, she had used this room for her
business many times.

They continued to go over maps, documents and contracts for hours.  
Unfortunately, my busy night with Janet and my lack of sleep began to
take its toll on me, and I began to nod off.  After jerking awake I said,
“Damn, I better head home and get some sleep.  Maybe we can continue
this tomorrow after I get some sleep.”

Nancy said, “I don’t think you better try to drive all the way back.  You
will fall asleep at the wheel, and I don’t want you crashing before we get
the contract finalized and signed.”  She smiled really big when she said
that.  “You can crash in one of our bedrooms.”

I thought about it for a few seconds and said, “You might be right.  I’m
really tired.  If you don’t mind I will accept your offer.  Nancy quickly
ushered me to a bedroom down the hall.  The bedroom was equipped
with a full King sized bed and attached private bath.  I was very tired,
but I hate to go to bed without a shower, so I quickly showered, dried
off and slipped my boxer shorts back on.  I was asleep almost
immediately after falling in bed.

I have no idea how long I had been asleep, but I awoke with a start to
the sensation of soft warm flesh straddling my thighs and a wet and
extremely hot quivering pussy engulfing my cock.  It certainly was not
unpleasant.  Actually, it felt wonderful.  I was extremely hard and deep in
this hot, velvet sheath, and she was riding me hard.  I could hear her
breathing hard, but in the dark I couldn’t see a thing.  Nancy must have
gotten aroused and decided to visit me during the night.  I was almost
afraid to move, thinking it might end, but I was getting really aroused.  I
lost control of myself when she began pounding down hard and
grinding on my stiff cock.  My hands moved as if of their own mind to
slide up her soft thighs and up to grab her hips.  I was building up a
massive orgasm and held her hips and began to drive up into this tight
pussy gripping my cock.  I held her still and began to piston up into her
hard and fast, lifting her and bouncing her on my cock.  This seemed to
surprise her, and her pussy muscles clamped down hard on my cock as
she erupted into a massive orgasm.  As she did she began to scream
through her orgasm.  I continued to impale her tight pussy, feeling my
own orgasm rushing up.

Suddenly, the lights of the bedroom flashed on, which abruptly ended
my pending orgasm.  I quickly looked toward the door and saw Nancy
standing there in shock.  Almost simultaneously Nancy and I yelled
“What the hell?”  I then looked up at the naked lady still impaled on my
cock.  She was shocked also and said, “You’re not Tom.”  She was trying
to roll off my cock, but I continued to hold her hips.  She was petite and I
held here easily.  Sure I was shocked, but my cock needed release.   I
was almost out of control with pent up lust and desire, and after all, she
started this, and I intended to finish it.

I said, “Your not going anywhere until I finish.”  I remained inside her
still quivering pussy as I rolled her on her back.  My arms slipped under
her knees and pulled them high.  My hands gripped her upper arms as I
began pumping my cock into her.  Initially she started to resist, but that
only lasted a few strokes.  She was still recovering from her massive
orgasm and soon began her climb to another.   She began moaning that
quickly turned into screams which got louder as I pumped faster and
harder.  I was pounding hard into her clinching pussy when her second
orgasm hit her.  Her screech almost deafened me just before she
passed out.  

Nancy, dressed in a short nighty, had crawled up on the bed at some
point and was holding the young lady’s hand with one hand and had her
other buried between her thighs.  Apparently she had become highly
aroused watching me bring the lady to a strong orgasm.          Nancy
said, “Mike, she passed out.”

I smiled at her and said, “You’re still awake.”  She just smiled.  I pulled
my cock out of  the limp woman to recover and moved on top of Nancy.  
My lust continued to rage and still had not been released.  I spread
Nancy’s willing legs apart and drove my cock deep in her already wet
pussy.  She moaned and wrapped her beautiful brown legs around me
and drove up to meet my thrusts.  We fucked like primitive animals and
experienced thunderous orgasms together.  I felt her pussy muscles
spasming and milking me as I filled her with my seed.    We eventually
relaxed but remained joined.

As we recovered we lay in a tangle of arms and legs.  Nancy finally said,
“Sue, are you awake now?”

From behind me I heard, “Yeah, barely, but I’m sure sore.”

Nancy said, “Mike, meet my younger sister, Sue.  Sue, meet my client,
Mike.  What are you doing back, Sue?  I thought you wouldn’t be back till

“Well, I got back early, and I thought I found my friend Tom in my bed, so
I took advantage of him.  I guess the jokes on me.”

I said, “More like in you.”  We all laughed.  “I didn’t mind at all.  Feel free
to do that any time.”

We all fell asleep wrapped together, and I really enjoyed all the flesh.  I
was still enjoying the flesh when I awoke in the morning with my
morning wood wedged between Nancy’s cheeks from behind.  I couldn’t
resist.  I tried to get my cock fully embedded in her warm and still slick
pussy before it woke her.  I almost made it.  Maybe I shouldn’t have
started power driving it in so early, but she didn’t seem to mind.  She
grabbed my hands and pulled them around her to her breasts, while she
pushed her butt cheeks back against me.  We must have woke Sue with
Nancy’s screaming and the bed shaking, because Sue spooned to my
back and began humping against my butt cheeks, matching my rhythm
and increasing speed, helping me drive my cock deep into Nancy.  I
could feel her little hard nipples pushing into my back, feeding my lust
even more.  Nancy and I climaxed together in a steaming, explosive
orgasm that seemed to last for hours.        I felt it coming and pushed
deep into her and held her tight.  When she went over the edge her
pussy clamped down hard on my cock and began quivering, which set
me off.  My cock kept jerking inside her and pumping a copious amount
of thick juice deep inside her.  

Afterwards we lay cuddled with me sandwiched between these beautiful
warm bodies, and It felt wonderful.

Sue said, “Damn, that was so hot.” After a pause she continued, “Mike,
are you spending the night again tonight?”  

At that statement we all broke out in hysterical laughter.  It was quite
obvious she wanted more.  After we calmed, I said, “I don’t think so.  I
have some business to do back in Muskogee and after last night’s
abuse I need some sleep.  We all had another laugh at that.  These girls
could abuse me any time.

Nancy said, “I also have a lot to get done today.  I’m glad in more ways
than one that you came home with me for the work we got
accomplished.  Now I need to act on much of it.  But, you are welcome to
come back tonight, or any night for that matter.  We still have a lot of
work to do.”  This last part was said with a wink and smile.

Sue said, “Well, hell, I guess I will go to work too.”

I showered, found my lost boxer shorts, donned my dirty cloths, and
headed back to Muskogee.

As I was leaving I noticed a Verizon store.  I had a simple Verizon cell
phone but decided that since I would be traveling so much, I needed
access to the Internet and communications with Brin.  I also
remembered that there wasn’t a Verizon store in Muskogee, so I quickly
pulled in.  It is nice not to worry about spending money.  I got the best
they had and had them set everything up.  Nice.

While I was still in the parking lot I accessed my e-mail account, and
sure enough there was mail from Brin:   Thanks for the quick action on
depositing the funds and making contact with the real estate agent.  As
you will soon see, it’s very important.

Mike, I understand that you have many questions, but you will have to
trust me for a while yet.  You will have to admit, though, that I have
given you a massive amount of money.  It’s all in your name, and it’s
yours; although we are hoping you will use it to further our plan and
goals.  You can’t say that I am taking advantage of you.  Of course we
chose you and expect you to partner with our group as agreed.

Additionally, you need to understand that you were chosen by my group
for a reason, because of your original posts warning of future chaos
and an apocalypse.  Your descriptions of the fall of civilization were and
are more right than you know.  The apocalypse is coming and quicker
than even you know.  I tell you this with certain confidence.  So you will
believe me I must share one of my secrets with you, which must be held
in strict confidence.  Our group has the limited ability to look into the
future, as evidenced by us giving you the correct lottery numbers.  I
know you will believe this.  How else could we have given you the right
numbers?  Now you must believe that we have seen the future
apocalypse.  It is real and WILL occur in the near future.  

We needed an advanced partner to prepare us all for survival, because
our arrival time there will be too late to prepare.  We needed someone
like you and the group you will gather to assure our and your survival.  
We must be self-sufficient and be able to defend ourselves before
civilization collapses.  I hope now you understand the need for rapid
compliance toward our plans.  There are other secrets I must share with
you, but those secrets must wait.

As to the stock broker account for $30,000,000, I am already working via
the Internet with it.  Because of the previously disclosed secret I have,
in fact, more than doubled this amount in the two days I’ve had with the
account, and it will continue to grow at an accelerated rate each day.

I hope that you understand better now and will push an accelerated
pace, and an important part of that, excluding the physical property and
buildings, is the gathering of a vetted group.  You will need to advertise
for potential members of this group to consist of a hundred members.  
You will need twenty-five females and seventy-five men, all need to be
educated, healthy, unattached and mostly under thirty-five.  They will
need an incentive to join the team, because they need to commit to be
sequestered for two years in a survival study and experiment.  I
suggest offering them one million at contract end. This will provide the
incentive, but the apocalypse will occur within this two year period and
money will be worthless afterwards.  But, they will survive the
destruction of civilization, so it is not like we are tricking them.

I hope everything is well with you.  You are important to all of us.  
Please let me know if you remain a team player.

Mike’s  thoughts of Brin’s words began churning in his mind, but one
thing that was certain was that Brin had him.  He was a believer.  Things
had been so busy since this started, and he hadn’t given much thought
about the magic behind the winning lottery numbers.  It made since
though ... the only real, believable explanation was that Brin must have
been able to look into the future.  Really, nothing else made any since.  
If that was the case, then the apocalypse must also be real, and that was
scary.  Yes, he believed and was onboard with the plan, and if he
believed this, and he did, then he believed far more than he was being

Mike immediately began his response to Brin:  Yes, Brin I am onboard
with this project.  What you tell me is believable and what you are not
telling me is also clear.  I’m not stupid.  I believe you are not from Earth!  
Earth technology does not exist that can view time, and there is
nowhere on Planet Earth that you couldn’t get here within a month.  
Now, before you panic, I really don’t give a shit if you’re an alien.  I’m in
for survival.  Still, I would like to know who you are and what to expect.

I knew he wouldn’t respond right away, even if he got the message.  I’m
sure he would be a little shocked and surprised that I called him out,
but I was quite positive I was correct.  Instead, I called Nancy.  Again she
answered me on the first ring.  Motivated as I was I simply told her to
proceed with great urgency on the purchase of all property and pay
whatever was required and pay whatever extra fees were required, but
I wanted ownership by next week.  

Nancy said, “Damn, this is the easiest negotiation with a buyer I’ve ever
had, but I will get it done.

I said, “Thanks Nancy.  You might also pick up any additional land that
might be available adjacent to our target plot.  Let me know how you
do.  Oh, by the way, I want to talk to you and Sue about another project I’
m working on.  Remind me.”  I think these two girls might be my first

I went straight home, and even though it was only noon, showered and
fell into my bed.  Even as I drifted off I couldn’t help but smile,
remembering my sexual activities over the last two days.  Wow, three
young and beautiful women.  I couldn’t believe my luck.

I slept through the afternoon and night, waking mid-morning refreshed
invigorated and horny.  I couldn’t believe that I could be so randy after
the last couple of days, but I was.  I called  Janet.  When she answered I
said, “Hello Janet.  This is Mike Brannon.”

She said, “Yes, I see.  How did you know that I’ve been thinking about

“I’ve been thinking about you too.  Can I come over to your place?”

Janet said, “I would like that, but I only have a couple of hours before I
have to go to work.

“That works for me.”  She gave me her address, and I was dressed and
out the door in ten minutes, which was hard to do considering that I was
already hard in anticipation.  Janet must have been just as randy,
because she met me at the door wearing only a long terry cloth robe,
and it was half open exposing her beautiful breasts.  As soon as I had
the door shut in her small apartment my fingers were opening her robe.  
She grabbed my face and kissed me hard, snaking her tongue deep in
my hungry mouth.  Damn, she was hot.  As we kissed I slowly backed her
toward her bed.  I pushed her back on the bed and dropped to my
knees, spreading her soft, warm thighs.  My mouth quickly found her
steaming pussy as my tongue probed deep.  My tongue dragged
through her hot puffy lips until I reached her clit.  I flicked it with my
tongue as she began moaning.  When I gently bit it and sucked it hard
her moans turned to screams.  Her thighs squeezed down hard on my
head as she began a violent orgasm.  I stopped my assault to allow her
to come down.  When I felt her still quivering muscles began to relax I
gently resumed exploring and probing, and she began building toward
another massive orgasm.  This orgasm hit her hard.  Her whole body
began convulsing and her hands gripped my head, holding me still.  

Janet said, “I need you inside me … now!”

This of course was music to my ear, as I too was more than ready.  This
was going to be rough sex.  We both knew and needed it.  I stood,
taking her legs in my arms, and walked into her, driving my cock deep
and hard into her wet, quivering pussy.  We both moaned loud as I
began driving into her.  I was pounding into her hard, and she was
pulling my back with her hands to make it harder.  We were like animals.  
Our orgasms hit us simultaneously and I felt my cock explode inside her
tight pussy jerking and filling her with spurt after spurt of my seed.  Our
combined juice flooded out of her stuffed pussy running down our
thighs.  I eventually relaxed, laying my weight on her and breathing
heavily.  Her arms and legs wrapped around me, and she flooded my
face with kisses.

I was still inside her when she said, “That was the hottest sex I ever
had.  I wouldn’t want to have sex like that all the time, but I’m sure
pleased we did this time.  You know you’re big don’t you.  I probably
won’t be able to walk comfortably for a while, but I loved it.  Thanks,
Mike.  See, I remembered your name this time.”  At that we both
laughed.  She continued, “I think you can take it out of me now so I can
go shower and get to work.”  Again we laughed.

I started to get in the shower with her, but I knew we would start again,
so I said, “I’ll go ahead and take off.  I have work to do also.  Can I call
you again?”

She yelled from the shower, “You can call me anytime, Mike.”

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