Gary W. Babb

Incredibly, Mike Brannon wins the Power Ball Lottery of almost 300
million dollars, but he already knows how he will spend it.  In point of
fact, he had been given the winning numbers in advance by aliens for
the express purpose of funding and building a survival community prior
to Earth’s impending collapse of civilization and fall into chaos.  

The near extinct humanoid aliens are escaping their dying water world.  
This “Blue Team” hopes to help and merge with a human survival team
in hopes of saving their race, in part, by in-breeding with humans for
their needed DNA diversity.  They have some limited ability to view the
future and use this ability to obtain the winning lottery numbers.  They
also witnessed the future impending collapse of Earth’s civilization,
which would also mean their certain doom as a race as well.  While en
route to Earth they recruits Mike Brannon via Earth’s Internet to build
this survival community and provides the funding source via the Lottery.

Mike recruits one hundred menage survival members of young, single,
educated members to help him build and defend this community.  This
survival community hopes to remain sequestered for a minimum of two
years or until all the rioting and lawlessness runs its course.  Afterward,
they hope to help rebuild civilization.

Three of Mike’s first recruits are, like himself, Cherokee Indians.  He is
the business manager in charge of the project, but one his recruits is a
real estate agent and attorney.  Another is an accountant, while the third
is a marine biologist/botanist.  These three recruits all happen to be
sisters protecting each other’s future survival.  Out of necessity due to
the unusual survival nature of the situation, they become involved
romantically and sexually with Mike.  Much has to be accomplished
quickly, and conflict with the outside collapsing society develops
quickly, forcing them ever more dependent on each other.

The community of ex-military security, doctors, dentist, farmers,
engineers, etc. buys land and builds a “Castle” on the shores of Lake
Tinklier in a remote area of Oklahoma.  Supplies, equipment, weapons,
food stores, and everything imaginable for future survival are stocked.  
Even before the final collapse of civilization and roaming gangs, the
community must defend their supplies from FEMA intent on taking them.
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