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Gary W. Babb

      Gary W. Babb is originally from Oklahoma, but work has taken
him to South Florida, to South Texas, and finally to Southern
California where he spent the last 25 years.  He served in the Navy
and traveled the world.  His education includes, Amarillo College,
DeVry Institute of Technology, National Cable Television Institute
and Western Oklahoma State College.
      As a business executive, his previous writing experience has
been directed toward letters, memos, proposals, and reports,
however, he has always enjoyed the magic that can be spun with
words to sell, convince, or inform those targeted.  Earth is Ours was
his first effort toward spinning a tale of entertainment.  This first
literary effort won him “Best Science Fiction/Fantasy 2005” from the
prestigious San Diego Book Awards.  The saga continued with the
sequel, Target Earth, which made the three “Finalist” list in the
same awards in 2006.  The third of the Earth Series and finale of the
series, Earth’s Dragons, was published in 2012.  He has also began
a new series with his latest book, Genesis Log, published in late
Mr. Babb is now semi-retired and has returned to Oklahoma, where
he resides in Muskogee, Oklahoma (Green Country).  Being an
“Okie” again has been good for his writing, and his writing credits
now include five published works, another non-fiction book, The
People's Warrior,  currently pending publication and a young adult
fantasy, Dark Angeles of Zeus, in the final stages of completion.   
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