Title:                Earth is Ours
Author:        Gary W. Babb
Publishers:        Author House, 2006
Category:        sci- fi
Rating:                5 bolts

I am not an aficionado of sci-fi or fantasy novels. But this book
caught my attention. An unassuming title- but with a cover image
that reminds one of the ancient Greek mythologies- I was intrigued-
and what I found in EARTH IS OURS is one grand fantasy novel- that
borders on mythological status.
The novel is the story of two diverse personalities- Amy and Levi.
The first chapter takes us through a painful period in Levi’s life. We
slowly begin to understand that Amy is the source of inspiration for
Levi- his strength and weakness. But then a sudden twist comes
(one of the few hundred unexpected twists in the storyline), we
understand that Amy is not a person but a computer…’a symbiotic
self aware  computer’ without which Levi is not complete. It seems
that aliens have taken control over the world of Amy and Levi and
each day is a fight for survival. The highlight of the book is the inter-
moving perception of events from the female angle (through the
eyes of Amy) and the male angle (through Levy).
I must confess…sometimes the sci-fi was too much for me- but I think
for an ardent fan of sci- fi/ fantasy thriller- this one will be a grand
and welcome read. I really enjoyed the concept of “oneness”- the
concept of ASONE. Didn’t understand what ASONE means….I will tell
you- then otherwise- why don’t you read the book.
Highly recommended- I for one am on the lookout for the sequel
TARGET EARTH. Only one regret- I think we will have to wait for
sometime before the book hit the stands. A grandiose debut.

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