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The Perfect Union of Brains and Brawn
Mind of Female Machine Melds with Aging Man to Create Unique Hero in Award-Winning Science Fiction
An alien invasion has stripped Earth of all technology, and those still alive in the aftermath must take up
swords to fight the giant intruders in the ensuing battles that rage. Named 2005’s Best Science Fiction
Fantasy by the San Diego Book Awards Association, Gary W. Babb’s Earth Is Ours (now available through
Wandering Sage Publications) follows one dying man as he fights for humankind’s survival with the help of a
self-aware computer.
      After their ray of destruction demolished all technology and obliterated 75 percent of the human
population, ape-like beings from another universe thrived among Earth’s now-primitive civilization, preying
on humans for food and sport. Dubbed “Simians” by the planet’s survivors, the aliens enjoyed dominance
for 50 years.
      Levi Walkingbear, an American Indian, was a young attorney when the day of chaos came. Strong and
knowledgeable in the old Indian ways, he survived the reign of terror as a nomad in the Arizona mountains.
Now 80 years old, he is ready to die and reaches out to the spirits with his mind. What he finds is not a guide
to the long, black road but a spark of new life: the telepathic energy of a self-aware female computer named
      Created shortly before the fall of civilization, Amy was plunged into a world of darkness when the
Simians came. But she lived, developing telepathic abilities in the hopes of connecting to someone who
could free her. That person is Levi. Once she links minds with him, she convinces him to come to her in the
California desert.        
The adventure begins, as the stoic old Indian and the intelligent, yet childishly stubborn, computer struggle
to find peace within the man’s physical frame. Once Amy becomes a part of him, his physical strength and
mental prowess exceed anything any human has ever known. In exchange, Levi pushes Amy to expand her
capabilities. In between personality clashes and plans to defeat the aliens, the two discover a closeness that
transforms into love.
      Amy and Levi find allies among survivors, including various American Indian tribes and an outcast
Simian, but the battles are treacherous and in the end, they must face Gord, the fiercest alien to walk the
      As the story unfolds, readers are treated not just to action on the battlefields, but also to psychological
explorations of male versus female and a very unusual romance.        
Originally from Oklahoma, his work has taken him from south Florida to south Texas to Southern California.  
He has come full-circle and is now currently residing in Muskogee, Oklahoma and writing full-time. His
service in the Navy took him around the world. He attended Western Oklahoma State College, Amarillo
College, DeVry Institute of Technology and the National Cable Television Institute, and he holds an FCC
license in communication. Earth Is Ours is his first published book, and the sequel, Target Earth is complete
and awaiting publication. For more information, visit www.garywbabb.com.